February 2018

Technique is Technique.

I do think it is important to be aware of the latest trends in dance, but technique is technique. Incorporating an isolation into a jazz dance or a flashy acrobatic move into a lyrical solo is a way to show your audience (and the judges!) that you are on the cutting edge of choreography. You have the craft, you know the moves, you can put it all together!

But following trends is no replacement for technique. Technique is the foundation of all of my dancing. Those hours and years in the studio perfecting my technique is what allows me to learn new dance styles. My emphasis on technique is why students value dancing with me.

Because of my high level of technique, I am willing, maybe even interested, in learning more about these new dance styles that Karleen and Miss Doreen are so excited about. I always welcome curiosity. I am sure that my abilities and experiences as a competitive dancer, choreographer, and teacher will make me a quick study!

As the great American choreographer, Miss Twyla Tharp said, everything you do should contribute to your work!

Who knows, maybe I’ll even get some new ideas for my next big dance!