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Elizabeth Cavanagh, Former Student, Current Cruise Line Dancer:
Miss Karen’s is the studio where dance is everything, and everything is dance! Miss Karen kicks our butts sometimes (LOL) but we kick higher than anyone else! I love Miss Karen, Miss Karol, and all our teachers because they show us how to win, how to be the best, how to beat the rest and pass the test! I feel powerful and professional (and pretty!) when I am dancing at Miss Karen’s and she has brought us to the best competitions and conventions (where we always win!) I started as a “lil Twinkler” and now I’m a “Dazzler” and you can be too if you dance at Miss Karen’s! She is the “wind beneath my wings”!

Susannah Poke, Current "Dance Mama":
I selected Miss Karen’s wonderful school because I knew my little one would be taught the proper technique, artistry, and poise it takes to perform at a winning level! Madison has learned so much during her five years with Miss Karen, who is truly is an inspiration to all of us! As a parent, I only want the best for my daughter, which is why we are with Miss Karen and are “In It to Win!”

Miss Doreen, Established Dance Expert:
I have had the pleasure of dancing with, and competing against, Miss Karen for many years, and I can tell you competing against Miss Karen is tough! Her technique is top-notch and she knows how to make the judges “sit up and take notice.” Her teaching always has the goal of winning for her students, and they do their very best for her. She sets a high standard for her dancers, and they reach it! If you study with Miss Karen, you are going to dance like never before! She learned from the best and she won’t let you rest!