Dance and Competition.

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Lately, I've come to learn that some people think the idea of dance competitions are not great. They think that combining dance and competition takes away from the beauty of dance and that it diminishes dance as an art form.

I don't agree. And, I don't think competition in dance is limited to dance competitions.

Dance competitions are a place where my students can shine! They get to perform on beautiful stages, wearing glittering costumes. They get to show the judges, but also themselves, what they've achieved in the studio. And it's just fun! Who doesn't love being surrounded by dance lovers all day long.

And, I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure that famous dancers, like Madonna, Debbie Allen, Donna McKechnie, and Ann Reinking are very competitive. How else would they become stars?

And, even in ballet, I am sure there is competition. I'm sure Baryshnikov was feeling a bit competitive with Gregory Hines, and that's how he figured out how to do eleven pirourettes!

I'll be honest, winning is great! Who doesn't love to win and get awards? But competition is more than that. Now, back to the studio to prepare for next week's competition! Wish us luck!